Using an Inmate Searching Service


Using an inmate searching service is easy if you know the inmate's last name or ID number. Simply enter it in the search box and click "search". The results will appear alphabetically and you'll see the person's name and any associated details. If you'd like to get more detailed information about the person, you can click on the "Change Top 15 Display Limit" link. You can also consult the Glossary of Terms, located on the Datasearch right-hand menu. You can read also blount county mugshots to discover more about inmate searching service.
Some states, such as New Jersey, have their own inmate searching services. In many states, you can search for an inmate by last name, first name, middle name, or KDOC number. You can even search for an inmate by his or her alias. Then there are the state-run facilities. In New Mexico, the state-run Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (DOC) allows you to search by last name, first name, or middle name.
The Department of Corrections (DOC) maintains an inmate-locating database where information on inmates and parolees can be obtained. Information on inmates' locations does not indicate whether they're receiving state or federal treatment at SCI. Using the DOC inmate locator tool is also helpful if you're searching for a loved one outside of Pennsylvania. This improved support network helps prisoners stay out of trouble and avoid recidivism.
To use an inmate-looking service, enter the inmate's first and last name into the search box and click "search". A list of records matching both fields will appear. The results will be displayed in order if more than 50 match your criteria. You may have to wait days before you find the exact person. If the search yields fewer results, you may need to contact the prison system to get more information. You can also submit the search to a state agency database project if you think you know the inmate.
If the inmate's BOP register number is not listed, you may be able to find him by name. If that doesn't work, try a search for a name based on the first or last name. Then, you can choose the gender, age, and race of the inmate you're trying to locate. If you don't have any luck with these methods, you may try searching for inmates using the federal Bureau of Prisons' inmate locator. This link: will open up your minds even more on inmate searching service.
If you are looking for an inmate, you can use an inmate searching service to help you find out information about them. The search feature will contain a series of boxes. You can navigate through the boxes using the tab and enter keys, and click on the GO buttons to continue your search. To narrow down your search, you can enter an inmate's last name and first initial. You can also choose to search by ACTIVE or INACTIVE status. The default settings will only show you information about males and females who are in the jail. When you do this, you will get an inmate's record based on their ADC number. Once you have selected the right settings, click GO to start the search. If you select INACTIVE status, you may be able to find more information about an inmate who is under Community Supervision.
For example, if you searched for an inmate's last name, you would get a list of inmates with the same name. This list is alphabetically sorted by last name and includes the inmate's corresponding inmate number. Each section of the database has a maximum number of 15 entries, and you can change that limit by clicking on the 'Change Top 15 Display Limit' link. The right-hand menu will also contain a glossary. If you want to know more about this topic, then click here:
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